Monday, June 14, 2010

Interview: Declaime For Potholes In My Blog

The homie Zach Cole of Potholes In My Blog recently had the chance to get up with one of the west coast's funkiest and most eclectic Hip-Hop artists; Declaime...In an interview dubbed "My Mama Named Me Dudley", Cole probes the Stones Throw fixture about his deeply conscious and soulful music, his tight knit collaborators and what his true musical conquests really are...


Potholes In My Blog: Musically, your brand of hip-hop/funk/soul doesn’t sound quite like the music that anyone else is making. Is it a goal of yours to make something entirely original, or does it just happen naturally?

Declaime: My music sounds like no other because it’s my personal song. My heart hums a different tune than yours does. All the many different wonderful tunes need to come into harmony so we can create and sustain a truer peace.

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