Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boho Fau & elevatedSoul - Coffee House Soul

Ain't nuthin like a good coffee house....When you run into one that has those big, comfy leather boothes, free wifi, AC, dope music ambiently bumpin' and giant pots of Arabian coffee for bout' $2 bucks it can quickly become a home away from home.

Here, New Hampshire reppin' Jazz-Hop MC Boho Fau takes you to a special place like the one aforementioned via his smooth, introspective rhymes. Backing him up on the boards is none other than L.A. based producer elevatedSoul, who's engrossiing, head nodding productions ooze boom bap and Jazz vibes by the ton.

"Coffe House Soul" dropped earlier this year, but still is resonating nicely around the web, do grab this, it's highly enjoyable and even minorly stress relieving...Boho and elevated did a great job.


<a href="http://elevatedsoul.bandcamp.com/album/coffee-house-swinger">Coffee House Swingin' f. Nile River by Elevated Soul</a>

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