Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Single: Greenhouse (Blueprint & illogic) - Smile

Back in October and November of last year I started raising a bit of a fuss over this new collaborating endeavor that Ohio undergrounder's Blueprint and Illogic were going to take on together...Here, almost half a year later we get another leak off their forthcoming album "Electric Purgatory Part Two".

"Smile" is the first "official" leak off the new record and it's a lyrically dense voyage into these two MC's inner most workings...Over an eclectic, futuristic type of beat construction both of them give you ample, dead-pan rhyme reasons to be excited about their new release...

"Electric Purgatory Part Two" drops July 24th.


<a href="http://greenhousecrew.bandcamp.com/track/smile-2">Smile by Greenhouse (Blueprint &amp; Illogic)</a>

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Jaz said...

Dope, I love Blueprint and Greenhouse, so glad he is still making music.