Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview: Dâm-Funk For The Village Voice

I'm still learning about Stones Throw mainstay and funk purveyor Dâm-Funk, but the more I find out about his sound, I become increasingly eager to hear that next new wave, funked out cut of his...

If you've heard his name here and there, or already are hip to what he's about you'll enjoy this Q&A that he did with Marisa Aveling of The Village Voice yesterday...Man starts breaking down the complete ideology of Funk music....need I say more?


Village Voice: You've been labeled the "Ambassador of Funk." What kind of role do you personally see yourself playing?

Dâm-Funk: I just consider myself to be someone that's continuing the legacy of funk before it got dropped off and forgotten about, within the late '80s and '90s and 2000s. This was because major labels weren't concentrating on signing--or even investing interest in-- actual funk artists. And that lineage goes through Prince and One Way and even Loose Ends--those types of groups who were more soulful, but had an urban beat to them, [but] just got forgotten about. So I don't really consider myself being an ambassador of anything, but I do appreciate people giving me that title.

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