Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Black Sunn - The Sunn Is Black A Prelude To Godsound

Here's something that you Damu The Fudgemunk beat freaks are gonna dig...

Damu, ever the elusive collaborator, has teamed with Bmore native MC Black Sunn for an exclusive 6 track EP which is available for free download. As the cover clearly states this is a warm up for Black's new album "Godsound" that will be dropping on October 27th. According to Black, he's been busy crafting this release since the Summer time and after listening I am pretty impressed with his labors.

Packed with Damu's soulful and funky production, Black works his lyrical dexterity into the co-pilot seat. Wisdom kicking, honest hindsight and a bit of celestial musings comprise most of Sunn's witty style and create his magnetism on the mic. In spots he is a more than apt counterpart to Damu's raw techniques, and in other spots he sounds darted and all over the place. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily, you just sort of get the feeling that he's capable of more focus. Nevertheless, he is still a far more interesting MC than most mixtape rappers now and his uptake of real Hip-Hop traditions bodes well with this golden ager...

Black Sunn makes a short and effective impression and I can't wait for "Godsound".

Highly enjoyable, it gets an 8 outta 10...


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