Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Singles: The Closers - Heroin Bars (ft. NYoil) East Coast Renaissance (ft. Reks), Get Down Or Lay Down, Rugged Rugged (All produced by Thorotracks)

If your a connoisseur of hardcore, rugged, east coast Hip-Hop than be sure to do a double take on this post, as I bring you the first four singles from the new and highly anticipated (especially in the underground) group, The Closers. Made up of one time Rawkus Records all-star Shabaam Sahdeeq, MC Red Eye and the dope, dope production duo of The Thorotracks these cats have a formula that would make Doctor Octopus flinch hard...

Backed up by the two of NY's (Queens to be exact) best new Boom Bapist's Sam and Jay who make up the Thorotracks, Red Eye and S-Dub weave together hard edge opus's that are focused sharply on making heads turn and knuckles clench. Moral champion NYoil assists on the latest single drop "Heroin Bars", while Beantown lyricist Reks hands in a nice verse on "East Coast Renaissance". Providing us with artwork for all 4 singles was a nice touch...do your duty, peep these and when their debut record drops pick that up as well....


Heroin Bars ft. NYoil:

East Coast Renaissance ft. Reks:

Get Down Or Lay down:

Rugged Rugged:

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