Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Koushik - Beep Tape

Resident Stones Throw beat man Koushik who's known for his Psychedelic sample flips and all and all just being one of the iller producers out there that most folks don't know about, is lettin' you kiddies get familiar with his work via a free beat tape.

Actually, the "Beep Tape" is a 30 track instrumental/experimental album, but hey, lets not get into semantics, the important thing is that you peep this joint out...This time around Koushik's Psych sound takes on a much heavier digital pop and avant-garde identity, but comes off just as fresh as his older moves.

Thwacking snares, manic dance themed hats and eminent sample work power this diverse sound scape. Koushik drops beats that sound like the background aurals to your favorite Atari game then seamlessly transforms his pieces giving you cuts that are far more affective. It's a welcomed type of up and down, off the beaten path type of project. really generous of Koushik to let people grab his latest brainchild for free.

The "Beep Tape" is quite a lil' experience and it's also available on CD and wax over at Stonesthrow.com in case anyone needs that. For now though just enjoy the free download, but act quickly it's only up for a week....



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