Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video: Saigon - Free Tru-Life

Sai Giddy sends out a kite to his recently incarcerated friend Tru-Life in the form of an artistic and touching video....

Teaming with Director Derek Pike, Saigon, who himself knows a thing or two about prison, drops a heartwarming appeal pleading in his rhymes to have his friend and peer Tru-Life set free. As he's shown toiling in a studio mixed in with stock footage of the two street MC's in happier times, I definitely caught a sad feeling and almost instantly wished Tru woulda taken the time to think about things more in depth before he chose to take those actions....allegedly.

If I remember correctly, that's Sai's actual studio, his MPC 2000 (great choice Sai) and his equipment/records. Pretty cool to get to see an artist's setup considering most big names don't know jack squat about any of that and just pay people to do it for them. Over a bubbly loop Sai shows he still has a heart and tries to provide a lil' bit of positive speech for a friend that probably needs it badly. Hopefully, Tru gets to see this somehow....

"Warning Shots 2" drops October 6th.


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