Sunday, September 13, 2009

Video: Pacewon & Mr. Green - Four Quarters

Hopefully my Purehip-hop brethren are wrapping up a long opening day of NFL contests (not the clown ass VMA's) and are ready for some brand new ish' from a duo that produced one of the illest underground releases of 2008, "The Only Color That Matters is Green".

This being Pacewon and Mr. Green's sixth video for the album, I'm a lil' ashamed to say I didn't cover every single one of em', but I'm not gonna get caught slippin' today, not even with a myriad of distractions.

"Four Quarters" finds the two NJ repper's looking mainly like they just are taking you through a tour of their neighborhood in Jersey...This is just a really cool old school typa vid. No glamour, no glitz, just the music and the reality behind it....peep it and peep "The Only Color That Matters is Green" if you haven't already...


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