Friday, September 11, 2009

News: Lil' Fame Goes jackin For Beats? Philly Producer Says "Yes"

After suffering from a host of 11th hour changes and even an incorrect tracklisting on the physical CD case, M.O.P.'s new album "Foundation" has yet another problem of sorts and it ain't pretty...

Philadelphia producer Rahaman Kilpatrick has come forward claiming that he did not receive production credit for the ninth track on the album, "Rude Bastard" and that Lil' Fame in effect, stole his music and stamped his name on it....Here's what Kilpatrick had to say earlier on DJ Premier blog (not affiliated with the real Premo btw) about how the situation unfolded:

Back in September 2008, MOP, Joe Buddens, Termanology and Big Shugg came down to Sonar in B'more and me and my peeps go to the show. I pass out beat cd's to Term, Joe and during MOP's show I give it to Laze E Laze's son who's the hype man. Now, fast forward to September 2009 and I'm listening to MOP's Foundation album on my way home from work and when track #9 "Rude Bastard" comes's MY FUCKING BEAT! Not the same sample, the SAME BEAT! Drum programming, sample, chops...the whole damn beat! Then my man Mills does the knowledge for me to see who got credit for the track on the album and it says "produced by Fizzy Womack"! So...I don't get a check, I don't get credit...I don't even get co production credit! And I'm not looking for no "feel sorry for me" or none of that hoopla...I'm just asking for cats to let ANYONE who ya'll know who loves hip hop to know who did the track so I can @ least get credit from my peers (hip hop fans and other producer's grinding out there)for the beat. I've been grinding @ this beat thing for YEARS and for my first placement for a major artist to be a jack just ain't right...but it is what it I said do me this justice and @ least let the hip hop heads ya'll know that the bol Kil from Philly gave MOP THAT heat...not no fucking Fizzy Womack...

Fame was pretty quick with a response, that in my view only further incriminates him:

Shit happens bro. Tag your beat next time, i just happened to have that record, and did the shit up myself! Your version was way too LQ for us to even use it and trust me nigga, your drums are not rare. i got drums out the woodwork, but thank you for finding the right tuned snare for this sample. It's not your beat anymore nigga, i re-created (as you did as well) with the same record, so LiL FaMe is the one claim!!! Don't take it there either, we known to mash out. You know you love that song nigga.

Straight ruthless right? Kinda disappointing too considering that I am a big fan of a lot of Fame's production work...Def. cheapens my opinion of his ethics a whole lot...Sorry, as a producer myself I would be crushed if this happened...yet I do know that stuff like this goes on all the time. To be fair to Fame though, don't nobody own no samples or sounds....Just ask Pete Rock, who was jerked out of the "Juicy" beat by Puffy when Puff was over at Pete's crib and heard the sample thing you know someone outta the Hitmen was re-doing the shit and calling it his...At least Puff let PR get the remix.

To help you further understand Kilpatrick's situation included is what he claims was his original beat and the song that was included on M.O.P.'s album "Rude Bastard". You be the judge....

Kilpatrick's Version:

M.O.P.'s "Rude Bastard"



Anonymous said...

Much prefer Kilpatrick's Version. Keep doing what your doing son! Badness! Word!

Anonymous said...

just think how many other beats he might have jacked and called it his?