Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Video: La Coka Nostra - Cousin Of Death

La Coka Nostra - Cousin of Death

LOL, this is literally the darkest, most stark and depressing video I've seen in a minute, maybe in all of 2009...

La Coka Nostra hits us with the visuals for one of the many stellar tracks off their new and impressive LP "A Brand You Can Trust" (in stores now) and prove that there are still so many takes you can apply to the grim reality that we all know is out there.

Following scenes of a guy who lives in some run down, poorly kept apartment and has a chest thinner and more sunken in than Snoop's we see a striking portrait of despair. At times curled into the fetal position on the couch, at other times hesitantly opening the door and staring out. Sure it don't sound like much, but you see the symbolism when it unfolds in the vid...Everything culminates with this guy running down a dark street, to what or whom we don't know, passing by a husky figure wearing a jean jacket with Biggie's image emblazoned on the back. The man turns and exposes his face-it's Everlast, the lone La Coka member to make an appearance in this surreal sequence. Distracted with what I only can guess is a hallucination of a woman and child across an intersection the guy stops and is transfixed. Only problem with his transfixion is that he stopped to gawk at the two figures in the street and eventually gets it Final Destination style...

Well, thanks a lot La Coka Nostra, now I gotta go watch a good 4 hours of the T.O. show to laugh this mess off...In all seriousness though this is a really powerful look at hopelessness and death. La Coka succeeded with the song and the vid totally matched the mood, maybe even eclipsed it...Nice work..


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