Friday, September 11, 2009

Video: A&E (Masta Ace & Ed O.G.) - The First 48 (Trailer)

Getting us ready for their upcoming "Arts & Entertainment" LP, Ace and Edo AKA A&E, drop a pretty hilarious trailer that makes a play on the real A&E channel's prized program "The First 48".

The two men take on roles as homicide detectives and try to piece together what happened to one wayward young soul that was walking around in the latest in androgynous hipster fashion. Hilarity ensues and once again my clear and present disdain for the current trend of dressing like your little sister is re-affirmed by two of the greatest of all-time, who themselves don suits and ties (lol, also kinda hilarious).

Edo and Ace hit you with their new collabo project on Oct.6th.


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