Thursday, September 24, 2009

Single: William Cooper ft. Killah Priest - Cocaine Israelites

For all of us radical and militant minded folks we got a brand new single from one of the members of the Black Market Militia camp, William Cooper AKA Booth, who drops "Cocaine Israelites" with fellow Black Market cohort Killah Priest.

Spewing the commentary that the Black Hebrew Israelites (of which Priest is apart of) are becoming more and more known for, tales of religious lore bond with conspiracy theory name drops, hieroglyphs, weed smoke and distrust of Barack Obama...It's pretty explosive stuff, even for a 2 minute rap song.

While most will find the information and rhetoric in "Cocaine Israelites" to be a bit much, I happen to find it entertaining and take it at face value. Much like the real William "Bill" Cooper, I think most of this Cooper's social references and allegory should be taken in knowing that he is after all out to make a buck and in this business the more outlandish your claims, the more noise you make...He'll grab a few ears off the fact that he's saying some wild shit, but whether the Bloomfield, NJ native can actually sustain those ears with actual skills is on him....Hip-Hop fans ain't stupid and we don't like it when people try to sell us snake oil.

I like Booth's style and he'e recruited a strong list of guests for his debut. Ill Bill, Hell Razah, 9th Prince, Kool G Rap and Nature?? Oh I think I can deal with some of the wild conjecture for a minute in order to hear some new ish' from those names. Not to say that everything Cooper does is conspiracy related or that he's piggy backing, but come on, Kool G Rap and Nature? I rarely hear those bruthas these days anyway, but the fact that they'll probably be trying to "out crazy" Booth with some paranoid conspiracy driven rhymes of their own is another bonus.

I'mmma go ahead and take a sip of the purple Kool-Aid that Cooper is selling...

The new album "Behold The Pale Horse" drops October 20th.


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