Thursday, September 3, 2009

Single: Krs-One & Buckshot ft. Mary J. Blige - The Way I Live (prod. by Black Milk)

Dropping another leak off their upcoming "Survival Skills" album, Kris and Buck enlist the vocal stylings of one of Hip-Hop and R&B's all-time great voices and attempt to relay just how they "live"....

Over a nicely produced track that sounds like a believable impression of the good Dr. (courtesy of Black Milk), our three legends provide insight and instruction on how to stay afloat in rough times...i.e. "Survival Skills". Even though things sound polished on the musical mix end, I found Mary J.'s performance a lil' too routine and furthermore I prolly yawned a good bit through both MC's verses...

"The Way I Live" certainly won't be the strong point on the new album and people shouldn't expect it to be...However, what folks should expect is for the BDI Thug and the "Spiritual Minded" one to be on a lil' bit more of a harder edge with their music...hey that's what I expect, it's rough out here and the music should reflect the times. We know they're all comfortable, but hpw about throwing out a rhyme or two that truly reflects the frustration and angst that we're all feelin' out here. Ya know, making music for the people. Suddenly, I'm having some reservations about how dope this new record actually will be....and how much of it will just serve as a jumping off point for Buck and Krs getting some more corporate sponsorships.

We will have to see just how much these two are willing to sell out this go round' and how much of the record will contain music for real heads.

"Survival Skills" hits stores on the 15th....


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