Monday, September 28, 2009

Cormega - Urban Legend Mixtape Mixed by DJ Monky & Cosm Roks

Notable Queensbridge MC Cormega gives us all a peek of the light at the end of the tunnel by hittin' us in the head with his new mixtape "Urban Legend", that's aimed to prepare the masses for his much anticipated "Born And Raised" album that finally, finally is looking like it'll be available soon.

It makes perfect sense for Mega to drop this now while the rest of the net is in a tizzy over the "Born And Raised" snippets on Amazon....No thanks, I've learned my lesson about previewing early, and I'll be waiting patiently until the 20th of October when it drops officially before I partake.

This mix is for the most part just a refresher course in classic Mega, but only if you were up on your rare ish'. Comprised mainly of B-sides and guest features from Corey's catalog, don't expect a grip of exclusives. Instead, enjoy a solid MC's body of work and the dope mixing and DJing job from The Hip-Hop Project's DJ Monky & Cosm Roks, whom you should remember from many dope mixtape's including Stricklin's "Resume" and Freddie Foxxx's "Street Triumph".

Following those same kind of blueprints from those previous efforts Cosm and Monky mix the music together in the illest ways possible and add in a few new freestyles to boot...This is should be adequate enough to keep ya'll satiated before the 20th...Remember, Mega's a real artist and he deserves ya support! Go buy "Born And Raised" on October 20th.


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