Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jozeemo, Joe Scudda, Chaundon & Rapper Big Pooh - Reservoir Dogs Mixed by DJ Warrior and DJ Skills

After suffering through his latest film "Inglorious Basterds", I for one definitely cherish director Quentin Tarantino's debut-1992's "Resevoir Dogs"-all the more...Back then it seemed like he was just in the zone as far as writing, disturbing violence and over the top foul language went. I mean there were reports at the time about how people were so daunted by some of the scenes that they left the theater...LOL, now some could mis-interpret that reaction as a negative thing for their career, but not Tarantino. In fact, he felt that just getting any type of reaction from folks-including a bad one-meant that he was doing something right....

On the cover for this new mixtape four of North Carolina's finest MC's don the same threads as the homocidal color psuedonym named criminals from Tarantino's classic caper noir. Unfortunately, for the most part the artwork is the only real common ground that this tape shares with the flick and seems to stir more of a reaction outta me than most of the music did...

My major qualm is that the tape OD'd with freestyles. Some being downright silly ("Pancake", "Not Your Regular club Song") and others just done to death already. I mean come on, I ain't tryin't to hear people freestyle over "C.R.E.A.M." for the 50 11th time....Apparently Jozeemo, Scudda, Pooh and Chaundon either have lost 9th and Khrysis' numbers or they just felt that having a grip of freestyles would improve their mainstream appeal. Sorry, this tape-even with a dope cover and theme idea-is an inferior product, well below what Justus League affiliated acts normally come with. What's the sense in recording a grip of free steez's when I'm sure these four probably have dozens of aspiring and established producers alike throwing them beats?? Bottom line, this joint just don't contain enough of that dope HOJ underground sound that I'm looking for.

Ironically the strong points on "Resevoir Dogs" come when the fellas go in on the solo tip.....Jozeemo's "Call Me", Joe Scudda's "Trunk Rattle", Chaundon's "Back Up" and Big Pooh's Head nodding "Got Em'" all are quality jams that mirror the type of music I would've normally expected, but didn't get enough of. "Next Selection" is the lone posse cut that you'll instantly be able to set apart from the pile of freestyles and finds the North Click crew gelling nicely, tossing around verses like true pros.

The "Resevoir Dogs" did get a reaction, so according to Tarantino's logic they succeeded. In the long run however this new tape is just like Quintin's latest film. It only makes you long for the artists earlier, more consistent work that much more. All reactions aside, the HOJ boys dropped the ball on this one. No worries though, just like the man who's classic movie debut they chose to adopt for this flop, they'll also be given ample chances to re-create or eclipse past blunders and triumphs in the near future.

A dismal 4 outta 10 Purehip-hop rating.



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