Thursday, June 3, 2010

Single: Jaz-O - Here We Go (prod. by Jaz-O)

Ha, who you know follows up a Jigga blog post that involves Summa time music with a Jaz-O blog post w/ some Summa time music?

Indeed we get a new one from the man that honestly can say he brought Jigga in the game...of course if you hip you know Jaz has always been his own man and is a mad decent artist himself...I don't know if "Here We Go" is something I'll hang onto long term, but if you spinnin' at a cool lil' joint in coming weeks and wanna make folks move they asses w/o playing somethin from an artist who's name starts with "Lil'" or "Young" you gon need this...


Jaz-O - Here We Go (prod. by Jaz-O)

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The Kool Skool said...

Jaz-O is dope, I never really checked for him back in the Originators days but, he took on the entire Rocafella Roster with good response records when they were hot, by himself!!! He has heart! We featured him in one of our first blog posting:

People seemed to get a bit hot about him, which was funny. Keep it up bro!