Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview: Apollo Brown For Potholes In My Blog

Apollo Brown deserves a bunch of attention after releasing one of the best albums of 2010 in "The Reset"...If your not familiar hold up for a minute and read up as Andrew Martin of Potholes In My Blog catches up with one of Detroit's new production faces that continues to put forth the type of Hip-Hop all of us dis-spirited 90's heads can look to and have hope once again.

Here, Apollo talks about his affinity for the genre known as "yacht rock", his "shitty" production setup, his one-year plan for 2010 and why he gave up the production game back in the mid-2000's.


PIMB: First off, thanks for the interview. I want to start by asking about your equal affinity for early- to mid-90s hip-hop as well as what can only be described yacht rock. How do you try to convey that love in your beats?

Apollo Brown: My love for early-to-mid ’90s hip-hop is ridiculous. Most that know me know that my hip hop influence comes from that era. They say that you are what you listen to, and that’s where I come from. My favorite producer of all time is and always will be DJ Premier. He was the ultimate influence in my music; he’s the GOAT to me when it comes to production. Hard drums, thick chops, static, and that timeless boom-bap sound is what I gravitate towards. I also looked up to legends like Pete Rock, Dilla, Da Beatminerz, Large Professor, and DJ Muggs. That’s funny about the “yacht rock.” I did grow up listening to a lot of soft rock and easy listening music. Journey, The Carpenters, Phil Collins, and others were a big influence on me. I always say that I grew up on the Seals & Crofts version of “Summer Breeze”, not The Isley Brothers’ version.

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