Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video Interview: Q-Tip & Phonte Speak On Bilal

It's always ill those first few spins of a new artist....Back when you first discover an ill vocalist that you identify with you know right away what soul is all about. From Marvin Gaye to Sam Cooke and now this man Bilal, there are some cats that will just always be timeless and cross over any boundries...

While attending the L.A. Jazz and Reggae festival recently, legendary ATCQer Q-Tip and former LB member Phonte Coleman spoke on what they heard when they first checked out Bilal's work...LOL, Tip is a bit more laid back, while Phonte, ever the un-intentional comedian delves into his love for Bilal's relatability.

Bilal's "Airtight's Revenge" drops September 14th...


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