Thursday, July 8, 2010

Single: Black Milk - Welcome

After we got the dopeness that was "How Dare You", that subsequently will NOT be included on Black Milk's new LP "Album Of The Year", we get the actual 1st official single in "Welcome"...

This joint has "Quiet Storm" like energy and head nodding infectiousness...A real winner of a track and if your not reeled in by it, you don't have a pulse...

We continue to be enthused about the new album Milk has in drops on September 14th on Fat Beats/Decon Records.


<a href="">Welcome (Gotta Go) by Black Milk</a>

1 comment:

Jaz said...

I was already excited about this album, but this single has made me mad hype for it now, really dope, also Big D O I really enjoyed your Black Sheep album review, do you know who the producers on the album are, besides one track produced by Psycho Les