Friday, July 9, 2010

News: Greener Pastures?

By now you've got to of had enough with all the LeBron hoopla...

I mean we're going into like the 56th hour of non-stop LBJ coverage. Are people that enthralled? It's a business man! Players make moves with their minds not their hearts. Dan Gilbert your a raving lunatic. He gave you 7 years of excellence and in return you gave him Mo Williams. To all those that say LeBron is taking the "easy" route out, maybe your right...Of course MJ would have never of done this, but maybe if he had, he might of ended up with as many rings as Bill Russell and the comparisons that Kobe Bryant is drawing to him would be non-existent (as they should be anyway).

Channelling the mood in Ohio is pretty easy to do right about now...I myself have long rooted for a squad (The Nuggets) that has seen more than one great name pack up and bounce outta town (McDyess you broke our hearts) for "greener pastures". We have also long languished in regular season greatness and post season mediocrity, so believe me, I get how ya feel north east Ohio, I do. Nevertheless, ya'll gotta let LeBron move on, don't be in the business of keeping those who aren't trying to be wouldn't let your ex-GF spurn you by just walking out right? Her loss right?? Don't answer that...

As for Mr. James himself, hey, that was a tough one bruh...maybe next time you chill on the whole 1 hr. special with that egg head Jim Gray and a roundtable of NBA analysts. Maybe next time you'll think about that whole "I know how loyal I am" line a lil' bit more in-depth before you launch it outta your mouth. On a brighter note, your in South Beach now homeboy; paradise for the most part..sheeeit, I know I'd rather be there than in sleepy ass Cleveland. Can't blame you for wanting to hoop with Wade and Bosh either, them cats is beyond talented and by all indications pretty down to earth bruthas too. So while everyone else is burning jerseys back in ya home state (real classy) I say good luck and here's to the future.


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