Monday, July 19, 2010

Pic: Shyne Covers XXL's September Issue

After being given the Arizona immigration treatment post his release from serving 9 years on lockdown, the now judaism converted, ex-Bad Boy Shyne has covered September's issue of XXL Mag and also done a corresponding interview that most likely is the most explosive read we've had since he got up with Vibe right before he went in 10 years ago...

Below is an excerpt from the interview, where Po speaks on that fateful mistake he made all those years ago in which he went bat shit, postal and hamm inside a NYC club...Try and forget about those two horribly-voiced tracks he's leaked thus far and be proud of a Hip-Hop cat that truly did stand on his own two and pay for his mistakes...



“You can always say, ‘Man, that ain’t the way to handle the situation,’ Sure, I know in my soul that the situation was supposed to be handled in a different way. But it ain’t really a matter of disappointment or letdown, ’cause I never really … I grew up never having sh–, never having anybody. So I never was that dude to depend on a mother—-er. Obviously, the actions is not something that you condone or that you’re happy with. Not at all.”

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