Thursday, July 15, 2010

Singles: 4 Unreleased Grand Daddy I.U. Joints

Queens emceeing legend and former Cold Chillin' artist Grand Daddy I.U. recently doled out a few gems to Robbie of, and I had to go in and re-post...These bangers were all unreleased (usually due to sample clearance issues) but now ya'll get em' courtesy of one of Hip-Hop's most slept on vets and a site that only puts up heat...Iller than anything is that all of these joints showcase I.U.'s double talent for production. Man was mean on the beats...mean!

I.U. also included a lil' background synopsis w/ each track...Read up and enjoy.


To My Niggas

‘To My Niggas’ was made in 94 and of course Cold Chillin’ ain’t clear the sample or some shit so that’s why it didnt come out. Produced by me.

Free Your Mind

‘Free Your Mind’ was made in ’98, produced by me.

On The Low

‘On The Low’ – ’94, produced by my brother Kay Cee with keys by Salaam Remi. I wrote on the spot in salaam’s studio. The female on it was my girl at the time, acting all shy and shit. The Michael Jackson sample didn’t clear though.

New York Niggas Are Crazy

‘New York Niggas Are Crazy’ – Produced by me. In 97-98 one of the two. My man City Cash heard the beat and immediately wanted to jump on it so I gave him a copy he came back later that day with Pudgee Da Phat Bastard and I had my niggas in da studio and we just went in. My girl Broomstick did da hook and bam!!! We had a song. BTW her name is Tanisha but she skinny as hell thus we call her the obvious.

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