Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: A.G. - Everything's Berri

From “West siiiide!” to “one love” and even the essential “keep it real”, there are plenty of sayings that have floated through the world of Hip-Hop over the years. Some stuck around and some, well, they just won’t go away (“no homo”). Making a strong challenge to be the next useless catch phrase I blurt out whenever given the opportunity is Everything’s Berri; the title and quasi mantra of longtime D.I.T.C. member A.G.’s new album. Cryptic designation and all, I’m unsure, exactly if it has any real meaning beyond a nod at the label (Red Apples 45) that this album was released on. You’ll have to delve into this new project for yourself to formulate a deduction about the title, which along with the notion that A.G. had in believing he’d quietly be able to cut an LP with only one, relatively unknown, non-D.I.T.C. affiliated producer at the helm and coming off a disappointing previous offering, is to say the least a tall, irrational order.

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