Thursday, July 8, 2010

News: 50 Cent Attacks Diddy For Exploiting Biggie's Memory

Wow...Am I about to agree w/ Fif on something?

In his latest attack on Diddy (this situation has been on-going) 50 Cent today issued an online petition via Twitition that calls for the end of I guess, Diddy using Big's legacy to promote his latest affiliations with rappers that fall woefully short of that aforementioned legacy....

I mean, yeah, Fif is in right here, 100% right...I mean, real heads was yellin' bout Puff riding coat tails back when Big was alive. What rubs me the wrong way is that 50 is using the Internet to state this. Why not do an interview with a mag? Lord knows the Hip-Hop in print world could use that, even better, why not go more in-depth and do an actual song?...wait, maybe I don't want that exactly...LOL, if Diddy is smart he won't give into these taunts...but he will take them with a grain of salt. Sorry Sean Combs, you've been actin an ass and promotin' [acts that are] straight bullshit lately and someone finally done pulled that card we all knew was in the deck.


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