Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video: Buttatones - Terra (prod. by Marley Marl)

Maan, so Marley is back freelancing on the scene again? Giving heat to nasty ass whiteboys who make real Hip-Hop, a la DJ Premier/Nick Javas...if that's the new formula look for Pete Rock to bring out a new caucasion cat here pretty quick too.

LOL, Nah I ain't hatin', not at all, just an observation...if you liked that one, how bout these: this man Tones got somethin', well actually a few things...good energy, presence, decent lyrics, hey, he good w/ me, fucka skin tone, he came correct, that's why one of the illest producers EVER blessed him with some heat.

It's called "Terra", his album is "For The Kids", it drops later this year.


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jason said...

The song is wack but its worth watching just cuz the video is funny as hell