Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview: DJ Spinna For Brooklyn Bodega

One of the cats that I've been a huge fan of for years and have always admired due to his un-flinching commitment to real, underground stylings and culture throughout his illustrious career is none other than NYC's DJ Spinna...The man is an institution in the subterranean realms, and in my humble opinion, no name has done more for the sub-genre besides maybe Bobbito Garcia...

As always Brooklyn Bodega keeps their fingers on the pulse of what true heads wanna be reading about and tracked Spinna down to conduct an interview with him. The veteran Producer/DJ talks then (the late 90's) vs. now (the 2K's and 20 teens), turntablism and how he went from deejaying to beatmaking...


BB: Definitely, it’s unbelievable to me that you did a remix for Mary J. Blige and Stevie Wonder. How did that go down?

Spinna: The thing with Stevie Wonder happened in the last four years. Basically, he called my home phone and left me a message requesting for a mix for one of his songs.

BB: Stevie Wonder himself?!

Spinna: Yep, Stevie wonder himself!

BB: So did you find out how he became aware of DJ Spinna?

Spinna: Well, basically we had been doing these tribute parties for him, so we had somewhat of a connection and a very, very distant relationship but still receiving that call was bananas. There was no other feeling in the world like that. So basically, I did the mix but it didn’t come out. It got bootlegged. It was actually a house joint, not Hip-Hop at all. People started finding out about it. I ended up doing another one last year but that hasn’t come out. I’m afraid to give it out, I’m afraid it’s going to get bootlegged. Anyway, definitely a pivotal moment in my career. Even if it doesn’t come out, just to have that thing happen to me was crazy.

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