Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News: Both Khujo Of Goodie Mob And Tragedy Khadafi Return Home From Incarceration Stints

It's with great pleasure that I announce that two of Hip-Hop's more prolific emcee's that helped shape their respective region's sounds have been released from prison/jail recently.

First, Tragedy Khadafi; the 38 yr old, highly influential Queensbridge emcee who was once the youngest member of the Juice Crew was released early this past June 23rd for a prison bid he started serving back in 2007 for selling narcotics. This is especially good news considering his original release date wasn't projected to be until around 2011...Trag has already started work on a new book and appears on the new CNN album "War Report Pt.2".

Second we have Khujo, the longtime member of the ATL super collective The Dungeon Family, who's incarceration was much more hush hush and far less lengthy. Khujo was released yesterday from Henry County jail after originally being sentenced to serve two years out of a five year sentence. He'd gone in on June 9th after he was convicted for three counts of felony possession of a firearm and one count of possessing marijuana. The reason he got off the hook after only roughly 41 days in jail? Apparently a judge determined (after a slick ass lawyer presented valid evidence of it) that one of his indictments was legally void. Khujo is expected to be on tour with Big Boi immediately and to participate in the upcoming Goodie Mob reunion album.


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Jaz said...

Great news and now get back the music please Trag and Khujo :)