Thursday, July 29, 2010

Video Interview: DJ Muggs For Wednesdays With Dante Ross

Dante Ross reprises his Hip-Hop Wednesdays series for and gets the priveledge of sitting down with Cypress Hill's beat master DJ Muggs to talk about how he got in the game, what the scene in L.A. was like back in the day, playing skate rinks that were packed with bloods and all that good dope moment was the story behind how the title "When The Ship Goes Down" came about due to a sample clearance issue..

"Rap is Ghetto Punk-Rock." - Dante Ross

2 parts, definitely check this out kids, Muggs is hands down a top 10 producer of all time, maybe higher... 3rd part comin soon...I think...



jcmoss33 said...

D-O-PE!!!!! Great job on the post, man. PEace and GOD BLESS

jcmoss33 said...

By the way, Muggs is easily in the Top 10, my bro!!!