Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Eternia & MoSS - At Last

The fairer sex used to be a great source of pride for Hip-Hop. Not so long ago women in this genre really were spearheading a prevailing, positive feminist force within the culture. We had powerful ladies like Latifah and Rage who exuded feminine inner strength, un-afraid to mix it up on the hardcore tip. Then the females like MC Lyte and Roxanne Shante who were just as skilled and savvy as their male equivalents came about and helped open doors for chicks like Bahamadia and Lauryn Hill; whom in their prime’s provided artistry that has often been labeled as good as it gets when it comes to a “femcee”. Really, the one consummate thing that remains the greatest measure of a woman on the mic is her ability to make you not even consider for a moment her gender…she’s simply an emcee out there, telling a story, amazing you and captivating your senses. Of course we all are aware of the current dismal tide as it concerns women in Hip-Hop. Few of the truly deserving acts ever get a decent look and instead are passed over for amalgamated meshings of raunchy over the top sex kittens and shock value driven performers. It’s because of this troubling new inclination amongst many young femcees (and really, labels) that Canadian bred, New York dwelling artiste Eternia and her new collaboration album with MoSS; At Last, is so exceedingly important.

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