Thursday, July 22, 2010

Video: Ayatollah - Reefer

Pump ya breaks pot fiends, this new banger from Ayatollah has no real imagery of your soon to be de-criminalized (crosses fingers) and favorite past time...No, in fact what it does highlight is pretty much the new addiction I traded blowing trees in for: diggin!

Here we get to see Tollah' (presumably...I'm no expert on the layout of NYC) roaming around his Queens stomping grounds, hoping on the train, raiding some sorted vinyl spots and then going to work on that beautiful MPC enjoy this, good Hip-Hop vids are becoming so rare these days...

"Reefer" is indeed put together beautifully from all aspects and if ya like what ya hearing do go and cop "Cocoon"; the new album from which it's's available on iTunes and Amazon now!


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