Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Single: Fresh Daily - Thanx

Always dope when artists acknowledge their fans and interact...Fresh Daily shows his gratitude to his fans over a stuttery, 12-bit musical canvas that brings out his razor sharp pennings in a great way...

It's all yours, 100% free, here's some words from the BK rhymer himself on the matter:

Thanx to anyone who bought an album, watched a video on YouTube, downloaded a mixtape/song, came out to a show, told me I was dope. Thanx to Devonwho for making some of the illest beats I’ve ever heard in my life and allowing me to voice myself over his production. Thanx to Suzi Analogue for putting me on.There are a million times I wanna stop creating music and every time I decide I will, someone reminds me why I can’t. Mothership/Land Soon will be avail. on August 3rd.

Now that's classy...take notes rapper dudes!


<a href="http://freshdaily.bandcamp.com/track/thanx">THANX by Fresh Daily</a>

1 comment:

Jaz said...

Dope, the more I hear of Fresh, the more I like.