Friday, July 30, 2010

Interview: T3 For

For everyone that's been closely following the subtle in-fighting that's been taking place with Slum Village lately and the comments that surfaced just recently before the group released their purported "last" album, "Villa Manifesto" this past Tuesday, here is a new Q&A with T3 conducted by Arasia of that diggs a bit deeper...

Call me a cynic, but I ain't buying all this "oh we still working together and doin' shows, but he doin' his solo thing and I'm doing my solo thing" double speak...if ya'll broke out, but then found a way to work it out for the time being, just say that.


Arasia Cool, well let’s get right into it. Where does Slum Village stand right now?

T3 I knew you were going to go for that one—we’ve been getting this question a lot. We are still working together. We are still doing stuff. It’s just a lot of negative stuff that’s been coming out lately. But we are still working together. We are still together and doing what we have to do for the time being. You know Elzhi is focusing on his solo career and I support that. I’m doing solo stuff. We are still doing shows. It’s just a lot of negativity. It happens with groups. They like to pick groups apart—outsiders….that’s how I see that situation.

Arasia: So, is Slum Village you, Elzhi, and Illa J?

T3: No, it’s me and Elzhi and we are featuring Illa J on this album.

Arasia: Well, I’ve heard all types of crazy shit. The last one I heard was that there was going to be a new line up with featuring some notable names from the Hip Hop elite in Detroit so can you clear this up

T3: People are going wild with the rumors. These rumors are crazy. I don’t understand where this is coming from. We were just in Chicago, we just did a show together, and people know that we are working. It’s just all this outside stuff.

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