Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Single: Gangrene (Oh No & Alchemist) - Chain Swinging

Been waiting on Alchemist and Oh No's upcoming collab album for awhile...today we get confirmation that it will be happening on Decon Records, will feature both of them on the boards, rhyming and will be called "Gutter Water"..

Here's the 1st leak off said album, "Chain Swinging" that shouldn't be mistaken for corny pop rap just b/c of it's title...in fact this joint is a banger that comes complete with nasty drums and a stirring sample...


Gangrene (Oh No & Alchemist) - Chain Swinging

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Jaz said...

YES, I was worried this project might fall by the wayside like so many others over the years (Lord Finesse Remix LP album anyone ...lol)

This is dope.