Friday, July 9, 2010

Video: DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill - "Cult Assassin" Official Trailer

Ha! This is too ill man....

Fully appealing to my love for fuzzy, long gone Saturday morning cartoonage of the 80's, Ill Bill and DJ Muggs drop a quick lil' trailer for their upcoming vid for "Cult Assassin"; the 1st single off their new collaborative album "Kill Devil Hills".

Everyoe that rolls thru PHH on the regular knows I don't do the video trailers unless their truly worthy and/or I really want the project to take off...last time I think I did it was for Aloe Blacc...True to form, this new album Bill and Muggs gon' drop I think will be one of the best of 2010...Straight like that.

"Kill Devil Hills" in stores Aug. 24th...


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Jaz said...

To be honest, I would rather have another GZA and Muggs album.