Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interview: DJ Nu-Mark For Akai Professional

I'm always up for a good talk with DJ Nu-Mark man...not only is he one of most slept on producers from out in L.A., but he's easily one of the nicest DJ's you'll ever witness perform live.

Here, talks to Nu-mark about his fav. pieces of Akai gear as well as what he's got lined up in terms of new releases comin (finally a solo compilation album!).


Akai Professional: Tell us how you got your name.

DJ Nu-mark: I started DJing in a crew called Bum Rush Productions in 1988 and we started doing parties. I figured I needed a name. My name is Mark and my partner Monty and I were at a gig and he said, “it’s probably underneath your nose” and there it was: a Numark mixer. Numark mixers were at the forefront of DJ culture and they kept coming out with dope new mixers. I was doing house parties and at every party I went to they always had Numark mixers.

Akai Professional: What Akai Pro gear are you using?

DJ Nu-mark: I use an MPK49, MPD32, MPC1000, MPC500, and an MPC2000.

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