Saturday, July 3, 2010

News: eLZhi Officially Leaves Slum Village

It seems that the Hip-Hop world was informed of the dismantling of one of thee most beloved acts out of the D ever, via Twitter...

Yesterday eLZhi, who had been taking a break from twitter, broke his silence by sending out a tweet that read "Not sure what’s going on….I hope Slum Village’s label and T3’s manager respect what I do for SV. Either way I appreciate yall support”. Of course tons of Slum fans took notice and drew their conclusions...Later, T3 would release a number of tweets that would confirm those fears:

T3: "1[st] of all I never kick anyone out the group...2nd there is no new members in slum village!....3rd don’t chime in if you don’t know both sides.....oh yeah one more thing...This is the last Slum Village Album”

Damn, damn, damn. Gotta say I didn't see this coming at all and it's really sad that these guys are going in differnt directions...First Little Brother breaks up and now this. Somewhere Dilla and Baatin are just shaking their heads.


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