Thursday, July 8, 2010

Single: Native Guns - Handcuffs

This is a real treat man...The two funkiest emceeing Filipino's (and their Chinese American DJ) the Hip-Hop game has ever known are back with their 1st single in 4 anos...

"Handcuffs" is Kiwi, Bambu and DJ DJ Phatrick's ode to the verdict that is about to come down in the Oscar Grant trial later today.

It's hugely important that we observe what's going on with this trail, I've had my opinions on the situation since it happened and all I can say is that the jury better do what's right or Oak Town is gonna burn...perhaps rightfully so...

Here's Kiwi's explanation of the track:

The message is threefold: to validate the community’s anger around the blatant murder of this young man, to spark a discussion and deeper analysis of what police are there to do beyond just enforcing the law, and to get folks to think strategically about how they want to react to this verdict, whatever it ends up being.


Native Guns - Handcuffs

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