Thursday, July 1, 2010

Video Interviews: Producer Co-Signs Of Rakaa's Solo Debut Album "Crown Of Thorns"

Man, I'm so amp'd up for this record...been a Dilated Peoples fan since they came out over 10 years back, and have always felt that Rakaa has simply been one of the most consistent MC's of my time...

A bunch of the production world's illest talent has lent a hand for Rakaa's debut, including DJ Babu, Evidence, Alchemist, OhNo, Sid Roams, Exile, El-P and DJ Rhettmatic, all of whom tell you a lil' bit about what they produced for "Crown Of Thorns" in this vid.

July 24th "Crown Of Thorns" hits stores, July 20th it'll be on iTunes ppl!


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