Thursday, May 13, 2010

Complex Mag + Kon & Amir Present The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Samples Of All Time

Finally someone gets it right...

Most magazine's probably have tried putting together a list as magnanimous as this b4, but likely also flubbed it badly due to trying to construct the list themselves or bringing in beat digging consultants that only were minorly familiar with all of the legendary breaks and samples that Hip-Hop has used, interpolated, re-flipped and even played backwards....

Now I know that most true diggers out there aren't gonna like this typa thing--I mean they never do. As someone who fancies himself as a digger, one thing that I learned early on was that most other crate raiders don't really like dropping dime on where they get their records, what records contain what sample on em' and how much they pay for their wax. Of course I've probably met just as many really cool and down to earth break heads as I have secretive ones, so the universe balances out a bit. I must admit there is a part of me that thinks that just gathering together a bunch of information for the kids is good for exposure, but also will breed laziness on their part. [insert grumpy old record collector face here]

On the other hand most of these particular breaks and samples have been lifted countless times, over and again and are pretty standard knowledge for serious and newbie diggers alike, so Kon & Amir aren't letting too much top secret info go, if any...the real challenge/impact of this list hopefully will be whether or not you 95er's got the patience and know how to find these records physically and start collecting and learning about tangible music on ya own. For everyone else I'm sure you'll be anxious to see whether your favorite groove loop or drum break made the list...I know a few of mine did (damn they gave away that Bob Azzam record!)

Kon & Amir's list is absolutely perfectly done, hit the link to start at no. 50 on the list. Also included is some commentary on each record that the two seasoned collectors drop...Complex owns for this!

P.S. after you check out the list, go peep Kon & Amir's latest record "Off Track Vol III: Brooklyn"; it's and incredible collection of super rare funk, soul and afro boogie music lifted from long forgotten vinyl.


Complex Mag + Kon & Amir Present The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Samples Of All Time

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