Friday, May 28, 2010

Raekwon & The Brinks Boyz Presents - Cocainism Vol.2

I know that many might think that Rae is doing 4 much by over-saturating the market, but really, going into the new decade the motto of any MC--young or aged--needs to be "a busy artist is a good artist". Don't get me twisted, I understand full well that knowing our fav. emcee's every move via Twitter and web vlogs has sort of taken a lot of intrigue outta the game, and not to mention helped cut down/cut out many a rap print publication and that a new mixtape getting album treatment is sort of dismal going forward, but sometimes the mixtape hustle mentality is a good one to have readily at your disposal...

For his latest tape effort, that comes directly on the heels of hitting us with new tracks every week since he dropped his highly lauded "Only Built For Cuban Linx II" album, The Chef delves into one of his favorite topics; Cocaine...and specifically "Cocainism". For many longtime NY Hip-Hop heads I'm sure the 20 piece offering will be just that. Rae was good enough to get beats from The Alchemist as well as NY production legends DJ Scratch and EZ Elpee, the latter of whom would have to register as one of the most slept-on NY beat crafters ever as well...Oh and did I mention he also links up with Mobb Deep for a lil' number called "Road To Riches"? LOL, there's really no need to try and sell this to ya'll.

Props to for helping facilitate Rae getting this out to the masses...


Raekwon & The Brinks Boyz Presents - Cocainism

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