Saturday, May 22, 2010

News: Rhymefest To Release "El Che" On Cassette

In an unprecedented and savvy move that hasn't been done by Hip-Hop artists since the early 2K's, Chicago emcee Rhymefest will be releasing his upcoming album "El Che" on special editions red and clear, prison-approved cassette in addition to CD and digi-download. Of course this move resonates highly with me, b/c I am a HUGE tape head, but it goes further than that...Rhymefest actually understands what type of feelings will manifest when Hip-Hop fans from the 90's and 80's hear about this.

Really hope that releasing albums via cassette catches on again, but even more so I hope that all you snarky muthafuckas that are already bemoaning this idea b/c it infringes on your delicate MP3 sensibilities wake up and start collecting your music as apposed to incessantly just downloading everything for free. Have some pride in ownership people, physical albums have so much more intimacy to them, just ask anyone with a dope CD, Vinyl, 8 Track or tape collection...

You can cop "El Che" in either tape edition, on CD, or digitally (sigh) here, as well as read up on the release and maybe even cop one of those ill ass shirts...

P.S. Yo Rhymefest if one of those Red tapes finds it's way to my crib I ain't gonna be mad! LOL...For real though someone hook it, I know that was just shameless as hell.


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c said...

GRANDGOOD just put out a cassette tape from Emily Rugburn. Free download with purchase of the tape, but not vice versa

pick it up @