Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Strangerz - 2nd To None Album Sampler

The Jazzy, love lorn vibe that so much of past Hip-Hop glory owes it's fond memories to is indeed missing in a big way nowadays so I figured it's time to highlight some new stuff that highlights that beautiful old soul the game used to have by the boatload...

Don't let the album cover fool you, the music contained on The Strangerz debut album "2nd To None" is 100% pure laid back boom bap...on May 4th via Digi Crates/Domination Recordings the duo that is Hus and Smoovth released this record and garnered many a purists' authentication and love...Sounds like an absolutely dope record...

If you like what you hear go cop it here


The Strangerz - 2nd To None Album Sampler

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jiggawatt said...

this album seems dope. can't wait to snatch it