Monday, May 31, 2010

Video: Shad - Rose Garden

Wildly dope new visuals from one of Canada's illest new artist's Shad...

I love the videos that seem like they're being re-wound...I also love when Hip-Hoppers take shots at Glen Beck's dumbass...Don't be confused though, what mainly steals the show here is Shad's personality and natural charisma...he carries shit...on a brief sidenote, can we please get back to sampling sweet soulful music like this?? Please, can we??

Step into his "Rose Graden" and remember his new album "TSOL" is availabe now!

P.S. in case any of you were wondering the female that hooks up those beautiful vocals there at the end was Lisa Lobsinger...go do the knowledge, shorty is skilled.


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