Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interview: Eternia For

Few MC's, regardless of their gender are as anticipated as Eternia is these days...With a good amount of buzz surrounding her upcoming record with producer MoSS and a loyal following established from her previous underground triumphs, the Canadian bred, NYC dwelling femcee is poised to be the next queen of this here rap shit if all of our suspicions about "At Last" (June 15th) are true...

3 days back got up with Ms. Eternia and got her feelings regarding the new album, working with big names on it and overcoming teh label of being a female in an all male sport.


"Everything from this point on, when it comes to my music is bonus; it's not an expectation. I do my due diligence. Due diligence as an artist promoting and recording and touring - everything you need to do to get yourself out there, I do. But whatever happens, I'm quite happy with and no, I'm not really at this point trying to get on a major label at all. I'm quite comfortable in my lane."

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