Friday, May 21, 2010

Single: Hollyweerd ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Love Me

Off ATL newcomers Hollyweerd's upcoming effort w/ Don Cannon "Edible Phat 2.0", we got a new single that just feels right on a Friday when most of the country is gonna get a lot of sunshine...

Big Pooh tags along on "Love Me" and definitely gives us all sufficient reason to believe that the LB break up won't hinder his work's output. As for this new wave, dread locked collective hailing from the new black mecca of Atlanta, GA, I think there's some real promise behind what they're doing...Of course this record is just one offering and we'll have to wait and see, one thing about them that did jump out @ me in a huge way was their emceeing and presence...they have a natural charisma and that's always a great start.

Throw this in ya MP3 player while you take ya car to get washed, walk ya pitbull puppies or just stare at all the ish' goin' on outside from ya work's window, this be that Summa Time music...Single of the weekend status chitlins...


Hollyweerd ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Love Me

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