Monday, May 17, 2010

Single: Ab-Soul - Black & Mild

Rarely do I post up or check for artists that are 3 or 4 years south of my age (or at least if they carry themselves that way) group, but something told me when I read the title of this jawn from newcomer Ab-Soul I'd be pleased...

True enuff, this ode to the fine product that is a Middleton tobacco mini cigar AKA a "black", is smooth and airy, just like it's namesake. Ab flexes some impressive rhyme skills and wears his distinct L.A. vernacular all over the beat...If this was a year or two ago I'd promptly throw this joint on a CD-R and bump it the next time I went on a late night drive; an event that always found me taking down a Black & Mild while simultaneously weaving out of traffic and contemplating life's purpose.

Don't smoke kids, it's poison...

link via Shake


Ab-Soul - Black & Mild

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