Monday, May 24, 2010

Video: Mr. Cartoon Collabs w/ Nike For The 2010 World Cup

With June 11th creeping up quickly, soon the world's eyes, for better or worse will shift momentarily from things like oil spills, high global tensions, a dauntingly weak economy and the lingering remnants of tragedy in Port Au Prince to focus in on the country of South Africa, which will be hosting for the 1st time ever the Fifa international football tournament; known the universe over as the World Cup...

The Republic located on the southern tip of the African continent will have 10 different venues when it hosts the tournament and amid controversies that allege evictions of so-called "shackdwellers", most of us still will tune in and tune out of the real world for one fleeting month of carefree bliss as we tribally cheer on our homeland's squad.

Mr. Cartoon; a visionary tattoo/graff and clothing artist of Mexican-American (Chicano for all you insulated fools) descent, who hails from L.A. is going to get to accomplish some serious dreams in coming weeks...take a look at his latest collab with Nike where he humbly tells us about his opportunity to rep Mexico and America through his art and design skills. Surely, this is one of his life's biggest thrills and proudest moments balled into one. Muy bien Carnalo, muy bien...



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