Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News/Album Download: A.G. Gives Away Latest LP "Oasis" For Free Online

I'm somewhat conflicted by this news...maybe even a bit saddened...Sure, "Oasis" wasn't A.G. and O.C.'s best effort ever, but it wasn't horrible either...Shiiiet, back in the day a middle of the road album like this could surely at least go gold...And while that might not be ideal for ravenous and fickle fans, it would at least ensure that an artist like A.G. could try and comeback the next year w/ somethin new and perhaps more to our liking...

Today via HipHopDx the Bronx bred, D.I.T.C. member decided to simply give away his and O.C.'s latest album from last year; "Oasis". While I'm troubled to see great artists like Andre just tossing away their work, I will help spread the link so that maybe those that haven't heard of him or O.C. or D.I.T.C. might get interested and PURCHASE his next release, which, BTW is a collab album with Sadat X.


O.C. & A.G. - Oasis

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