Friday, May 21, 2010

Single: Talib Kweli - Papers Please

Damn...Is this some real speak or is this some real speak?...

Although this is a highly affecting freestyle, I can't help but wish that Kweli woulda had somethin like this in store for us on that new and somewhat lackluster "Revolutions Per Minute" album.

In any case..."Papers Please" touches on many a factual truth regarding the recent passing of that abhorrent Immigration law in Arizona that has basically made it feasible for hundreds of thousands of Latinos to be profiled and harassed by law enforcement based simply on their appearance...and the kicker? If said Latinos can't produce their "papers"; which is just old school Latin lingo for a green card, temporary work visa or whatever draconian document this country was using at the time to discriminate against us, they are rounded up like cattle and taken to a detention center or held in custody. SMH, all this while we built their cities and waited on them hand and foot for peanuts...

It truly does my heart well to see Talib, and really every Hip-Hop artist that has, stand up for their Hispanic cousins. We need more of this unity ppl...MAS!

This joint and the Hollyweerd jumpoff are gonna share the single of the weekend honor...doubles baby!


Talib Kweli - Papers Please

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hl said...

Chuck D warned us about Arizona. Good stuff. Where is this beat from?